Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pete Toms

To quote Jason Levian, owner and operator of Floating World, my fav comix spot in Portland, "Pete Toms is the shit." And after finishing "Pink Tombs of Youth," I'm quite in agreement. Pete Toms is the proverbial "shit."
Another book I'd rank on my "best of" comix list from last year, "Pink Tombs" is a pleasantly meandering tale about a man of the hippie variety circumnavigating a world fraught with wayward youth, dead civil war soldiers, aliens, and an elderly Will Oldman-resembling drug-dealer. The book is a hoot and quirky in the best, and least-annoying, way possible. While brandishing a strong stream-of-conscious vibe, "Pink Tombs" is mitigated by a charming script that still manages to beg the eternal question, "Who am I?" Most importantly, the artwork is what retains the final knockout quality of the book. Drawn in a precise "clean-line" manner with vibrant colors, it's supremely easy on the eyes. And with an easy-going pace, Toms never overburdens the reader with his multi-paneled approach.
So grab this sucker while you still can:

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