Sunday, January 24, 2010

Night Business garbage. But it's also my favorite comic of 2009. I have to thank Rusty Jordan for turning me onto this gnarly book. It's total trash and yet completely lovable. Featuring a rotating cast of strippers, their loyal bodyguards, seedy club management, street pervs and a knife-wielding, masked psycho, it's a throwback to the media produced in good 'ole 1980's pre-Guiliani NYC. I'm talking films like Lucio Fulci's "Night Ripper" or William Lustig's "Maniac." As pastiche, Benjamin Marra's "Night Business" is violent and fun, complimented by the antiseptic drawing that really reinforces its ties to the deluge of black and white independent comics of the era. Even minor details, like the cheap paper stock of the book are represented. From a story aspect, "Night Business" is gaudy and over-written, but ultimately who cares? It's all about the experience. And if you love the tawdry luster of early-80's horror, or pulpy comix, then you should make "Night Business" your business. Grab the latest issue at Benjamin Marra's webpage:

And I could be totally shooting through the roof with the above-mentioned references ("Maniac" for example, also "Basket Case"), but there's a similar vibe about NB that I find compelling. So for shits and giggles, here's the trailer to New York Ripper:

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